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From my #portrait series #pamela #beauty #shoot #brussels #beirut



From my portrait series #panni #portrait #beauty #shoot #model



From my portrait series



My sweet son Evan is 2 months old today. But he is not with me. He is far away, travelling across the world into the hearts of others!

…In sharing my story of losing my son Evan, I have received numerous messages. People who don’t know what to say other than sorry for my pain, friends…


We have invited Cecilia Piccinni and Andres Molina to come to Brussels and give a series of workshops. Two young, promising tango maestros from Buenos Aires. They start their second ever European tour with Brussels!image

They are coming from Oct 3 until Oct 6 to Brussels. The workshop registration will open this Saturday 14 Sept!

License to chill #cedeillan #jules #watergun

Sometimes you gotta jump #canon #5dmk3 - @tangopaparazzo is ready for @summertango (at PCH)

Job: interesting, secure, lucrative; pick two

Contractor: fast, cheap, good; pick two

Woman: sane, smart, beautiful: pick two

Man: handsome, faithful, rich: pick two

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Silver confuses cause and effect. We didn’t have a financial crisis because of a bad model or a few bad models. We had bad models because of a corrupt and criminally fraudulent financial system.